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Witchy Kombvchy

3 Flavor 6 Pack Sampler - Jalapeno, Cherry, Ginger+Apricot

3 Flavor 6 Pack Sampler - Jalapeno, Cherry, Ginger+Apricot

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6 Pack Sampler

2 bottles of Honey Jalapeno Lemonade: We worked really hard to perfectly balance the three flavors of honey, jalapeno, and lemonade. We think you're really going to be surprised by how amazing this drink taste. We took out the spicy heat of the jalapeno pepper and left the flavor. It's bonkers good. 

2 bottles of Heirloom CherryOur first kombvcha flavor that kicked off this magical journey of fermented drinks. It's made using our ancient secret base kombvcha recipe and then mixed with an heirloom cherry juice. We infuse every. single. bottle. with the energy of a chrysocolla stone that was created millions of years ago. 

2 bottles of Ginger Apricot: Refreshing like no other kombvcha - this stuff is delicious golden magic. Made using our ancient secret base kombvcha and then mixed with fresh ginger and apricot juice - this stuff will blow away your expectations. The ginger is perfectly balanced with the apricot to maximize the goodness and make you ask OMG WHAT DELICIOUSNESS IS THIS?!

6 bottles of maximum goodness.

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